The greatest benefit of automatic doors is the ability to offer unaided access to everyone, ranging from the
elderly and children to people who have a disability or injury. Automatic doors guarantee easy access to places
where it could potentially be a challenge.

Elite Aluminium Systems Ltd are associated with the UK's leading experts in automated entrance door systems.

We work together to resolve any design implications involved in your installation, ensuring the automated
system and the supporting framework are designed in accordance with each other and designed to meet your
access requirements.

With a multitude of automatic door options available to us, we can offer a complete package when it comes to
automated entrances.

Automatic Entrance door systems include (but are not limited to);
Sliding doors
Swing doors
Telescopic sliding doors
Revolving doors
Curved on Plan sliding doors

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Automatic Doors
Feltham Airparcs Leisure Centre
Feltham Airparcs Leisure Centre


Elite Aluminium Systems Ltd offer an extensive range of automatic entrance systems.

Typical Auto Door Details

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